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// saxophone, keyboards


Scott Jacobsen grew up in Albuquerque in a family full of musicians. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 and benefited from the tutelage of Stephen Montoya before shifting his focus to jazz saxophone. After learning the basics from his grandmother he studied sax both at UNM with Eric Lau and Glenn Kostur and at jam sessions with Doug Lawrence. In school he came into demand as a pianist accompanying fellow students for their degree recitals. At first it was playing the same pieces he'd learned earlier on saxophone but he soon diversified his repertoire and now works steadily collaborating with students of all instruments. Alongside his frequent performances with Basilaris, Scott can be heard playing sax with various groups around town and frequently subs in with the Albuquerque Jazz Orchestra.


// drums


Mike Jaramillo is a decades long veteran Musician. He has toured and played throughout the South-West and West-Coast, and has extensive experience in Jazz, Latin, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Reggae Music. He plays regularly in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas, and his diverse rhythmic approach forms the beat of the Basilaris.


// electric bass


Lukas Scarpetta plays bass guitar. He is heavily influenced by Jazz Fusion and Prog-Rock music, in addition to straight-ahead Jazz. Lukas has been involved in playing funk music in the Albuquerque area, including with veteran Funk-man Kookie Jones, and has also been involved with Prog-Rock. Basilaris  is Lukas' primary creative project, and he looks forward to taking the group to the limit.

Daniel K. Murphy

// electric guitar


Daniel K. Murphy has played guitar in many award winning, nationally touring bands over the past 20 years. Including: Jazz, Progressive Metal, Rock, Country, Reggae and Folk bands. He has composed music for modern dance choreography commissioned by the NMSA. Original releases include: ‘Welcome to Chlorophyll’ (Melodic Ambient Soundscape), ‘Cat Poems’ (Fretless Classical Guitar) and ’KDAZZA’ (Chiptune). At NAMM he has demonstrated for Red Panda and Chase Bliss Audio. A versatile specialist, he infuses his signature techniques and progressive style, while honoring the core elements and history of the genre. 

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