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Basilaris was formed by Lukas Scarpetta and Scott Jacobsen in an Albuquerque back yard in the late summer of 2020, amid a global pandemic. The informal jams began as a way to create music when all the traditional musical venues were shut down. Eventually, the founding duo aspired to add percussion to the music they had created and share it with the world. As soon as venues began to open back up in 2021, the group, with the addition of Mike Jaramillo on the drums, began a steady and consistent routine of live performances in the Albuquerque area that continues to this day. Basilaris’ music can be described as jazz, jazz fusion, and music that defies the classification of genre. Basilaris is a group that is open to musical exploration in a variety of directions, that strives to explore with every song, and no matter what they play, they always have a good time.

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